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Shenzhen xinhengtong science and education supplies Co., Ltd

Shenzhen xinhengtong science and education supplies Co., Ltd. (formerly Shenzhen Longgang District Buji Hengtong stationery board factory), founded in 1997, is a professional research and development, production, sales and service as one of the teaching writing board enterprises. For more than ten y...


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common problem

  • How to choose the right office whiteboard?

    Selection of common whiteboard: First, see if there is a scratch. If there is no scratch, try to write on it After the ink is dry, wipe it off with a board, and observe whether ther...

  • How to choose the best quality office whiteboard?

    Whiteboard is characterized by wear-resistant, long service life, clean and beautiful. In modern offices, it can be used as a decoration, as a projection screen, even if it is not n...

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